I grew up in a small(ish) suburb of Detroit. It never thrilled me. My family, unlike many that surrounded me, loved being out and about. That was my saving grace. We went to parks, beaches (on the lake), free arts events and concerts and recreation facilities.

However, at 12, I decided that my little lifestyle wasn’t enough. So I developed a list of the top ten amazing cities, one of which I planned to live as an adult. As a child obsessed with PBS, I relished the lifestyle of the characters in the movies it played: Holly Golighty, Lisa Carol Fremont, Carol Templeton, Helen Brown et al. I wanted to live somewhere amazing, and do amazing things: concerts, plays, galas and parties, while wearing amazing clothes. I made it to one of those cities and I introduce you to My Top Ten Life.

It is a life of a streetrunner, as my grandfather says. Just like that bang, bang, I’m off to the next…

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