I Like Cupcakes

I am a bit of a bah humbug, but I do love a Christmas party with caroling. I adore caroling. I even joined the holiday choir in Junior High School for the wonderful opportunity to sing Christmas songs. Despite my typical ambivalence to Americanized Christmas, I ambitiously decided to attempt three holiday events in one night. The first event was a team building happy hour. Moving on…I headed to a charity’s overly crowded holiday party in which the best part was the great parking spot I scored right in front of the venue in the city. My final event was the result of an invitation I received to “Oh What Fun” sponsored by the National Society of Black Engineers, which also served as a fundraiser for pre-college programs. The event held at Tabaq featured four floors of entertainment, from holiday karaoke—the only kind that should exist–, a DJ floor, hand dancing lessons and a live band. It seemed like a great event and everyone must have agreed, because the venue was packed. So much so that I didn’t even attempt my initial draw to the event, the karaoke. I decided to go hand dance, but realized the lessons were too advanced by the time I got there. That didn’t stop others from joining in all kinds of late and wrong and mildly irritating the instructor. We stuck to listening to the live band on the rooftop, while I munched on a cupcake.

The next day I spent transfixed by the awful news since it was my day off of the Connecticut school shooting. I finally decided to tear myself away from the coverage or otherwise I would be a complete mess all day to attend the final day of the University of Maryland’s Driskell Center’s African  American of Art since 1950 exhibition. It was a good thing I did. I arrived to discover that exhibit was closing early that day to ready the artwork for shipment to its next stop. It was a beautiful display of artists I love such as Jacob Lawrence, Romare Bearden, and Benny Andrews. However, I only got 15 minutes to peruse the art. It’s a good thing that I am not one to spend a lot of time deliberately considering each piece. Unauthorized snapshots of my favorite pieces are below.

I finished the weekend by trying to be more career oriented. I will admit this has been rather difficult for me this year as I am squarely in a rut. I went to the PoweR Circle’s Red Room Brunch. The brunch brings together public relations professionals for food and networking. I sat with two lovely ladies (despite the fact that one of them went to Ohio State) and we discussed nothing related to public relations. This included the advantages of juicing, HBCU’s, the importance of shawls to look as sophisticated as possible in DC and the best neighborhoods for shopping. Ms. Ohio State was a recent transplant to the area.. The reasons I consider the event a success are 1) I won a door prize—a $50 gift card to DTLR—that I used immediately after the event to buy some much needed athletic shoes—and 2) there were cupcakes. In the wake of everything going on, I didn’t feel much like being social, so I passed on more fun pursuits. So it was a pretty quiet week.


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