Happy Anniversary! Edition

Anniversary Gift and Champagne Glass on LaceHappy Anniversary! My blog is officially one year old. Ironically, my blog anniversary also coincided with a bit of writer’s block. This explains the lack of posts. I started this blog as I was in the midst of professional ennui. I left my cool creative job due to bad management and returned to the life of a government office drone. I needed an outlet for some creativity. I also needed to find another focus in life if my career wasn’t going to be it. I have always loved outings, so I decided to that I needed better experiences. You can’t have a mundane work life and personal life.  I still remember my childhood hanging partner once said, weekends are for having fun. She stayed planning activities for us. Amazingly I sucked at a lot of them – skating, bowling and swimming, but I was out there trying week after week. I remember we even went paddleboating once, at which I was decent. I learned at an early age that the best life is one away from the couch.

I was reminded of this fact during the Columbus Day weekend. I planned to go to WonderFull that weekend. I even listened to Stevie Wonder all week at work to ready myself. But the weather was dark and rainy and I talked myself out of it. As an only child, I am more than willing to do things on my own. However, I just determined maybe it was best for me to stay in and rest. People always say that and I always dismissed it as malarkey. Hey, I was the person who went out for New Years Eve alone when my cousins cancelled because of snow. It’s Michigan. It always snows in December! That was one of the best nights of my life. Well, my instinct was correct and I should not have stayed home. Because Stevie Wonder showed up! To sing! I just…cannot. Lesson learned.

However, the rest of the weekend was good. I mean…it could have been an epic weekend for the ages but alas it was merely good. Sunday, we decided to celebrate the unofficial Treat Yo Self Day on a budget. First, we had brunch at Twist thanks to Living Social. I really liked the restaurant and would definitely go back. Then, we had pedicures with wine! I really wanted a massage but unfortunately the salon with the deal I found only had one masseuse on duty.

Finally the weekend wrapped with the most fun event ever. I didn’t think it would ever happen but the joyful (get it?) concert I attended my freshman year of college with The Fugees has been replaced as the most enjoyable concert ever. That was a lot of “ever’s.” However Janelle Monae wears the crown now. That concert was entertaining, danceable and fun. Fun is the best way to describe it. I think she is the most entertaining performer currently out. I mean she came out in a straight jacket to Django. I cannot express how awesome she is in person and I highly recommend everyone see her live.

Hopefully, the next year will bring even more adventures.


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